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Adumim 2017

Adumim 2017


A great legacy, starting here


Every wine has a story, and every winery exists for a reason. Jezreel Winery was established for one reason - making Israeli wine. That meant letting go of the 'classic' varieties that dominated the market at the time, and looking for the truly Israeli varieties. We landed on three main varieties - Syrah, Carignan, and Argaman. We started by doing the most intuitive thing we could - blend them together! After harvesting each variety from its own vineyard, we fermented and aged them seperately. After getting a good grasp on what each variety had to offer, we blended them carefully and aged them further, letting them get to know each other.

And the result? Well, you being here, reading this, shows us we probably did something right... But then again, only one way to find out for yourself!


Color: Red

Variety: Syrah, Carignan, Argaman

Vintage: 2017

Sweetness level: Dry

Appelation: Upper Galilee, Coastal Plain

ABV: 14%

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