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History comes to life


Alfa - an homage to an ancient synagogue, containing evidence of Jewish life over 6000 years ago. Surviving and thriving, in wine form.

A great blend has to start with individual parts. Each variety was picked, fermented and aged seperately, to get the most out of our amazing Israeli terroir. After spending 14 months in (mostly used) french oak barrels, the components were blended maticulisely, to give us a rich, complex wine.


Winemaker's notes


This dry red wine showcases a mix of black wild berry aromas, as well as notes of chocolate, tobacco, black pepper and cloves. The flavor linger on the tongue for quite a while, while developing and changing for a truly incredible experience.


Food Pairing


Grilled fish, vegetable antipasti, Roast chicken


Color: Red

Variety: Syrah, Argaman, Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2020

Sweetness level: Dry

ABV: 14%

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