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Old vines, new wines


A wine is a world in a bottle. And this wine, shows quite a ride.

Carignan was brought to Israel over 140 years ago, by the Baron Rothschild. Seeing how suitable this variety was to the Israeli climate and soils, it was clear that Carignan was the way to set off the Israeli wine market. Things did not really go to plan, and very quickly Carignan was used to make cheap, high yield, low quality wines. It waas only a hundred years later, when winemakers attempted to find a proper high quality Israeli wine, that they gave Carignan a real chance. Using old vines, and producing lower yields, led to a wine much, much different than they were used to.

This wine, tells that story.


winemaker's notes


Rich yet light, complex yet fruity, this wine showcases the true qualities of the Carignan variety - thanks to the 45 year old vines - and gives us the perfect Israeli wine.


Color: Red

Variety: Carignan

Vintage: 2019

Sweetness level: Dry

Appelation: Coastal Plain

ABV: 14.8%

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